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Precious metals trading & vaulting
platform for gold dealers

With guaranteed profitable pricing model

What is Vaulter?

A white-label platform for retail gold dealers to offer online services for their customers, such as day-and-night buy/sell in any size with precious metals accounts, allocated and pool-allocated vaulting at accredited locations, transforming metal balances to bars and coins, VAT-free silver and platinum, saving programs, real-time lending, market forecasts, and more.

The selling point of using Vaulter for a gold dealer is the opportunity to grow and expand without any complex, challenging, and expensive IT development, in addition, since Vaulter is a SaaS solution with an unparalleled subscription pricing, there is no any long-term commitment and investment to introduce online services.

The guaranteed profitable pricing model lets even the smallest gold dealer to phase in Vaulter and start offering modern services for their customers to accelerate the business, and to keep up with the dynamics of the bullion market’s digital transformation. This subscription-based pricing model means that the operational cost will always be less than the income of the trade markups and fees.

Why should a gold dealer use Vaulter?

The brand and its organization is the basis of the business; however, expansion and growth require online services. Traditional brick-and-mortar business gives the trust to the customers, online services gives the ability to gain competitive advantage and to scale up.

Extend the business

Open opportunities that are not available in traditional dealing, and are not at the expense of convenience, especially day-and-night buy/sell in any size, flexible vaulting, and new form of savings.

Stay competitive

It is becoming vital for dealers to keep up with the digitalization, and other market players with state-of-the-art online services in order not to lose market share.

Conquer new markets

Reach out new demographics (age, society, wealth, location), step out into the international market by leveraging Vaulter’s multi-currency management system, and the internationalized and localized capabilities.

Step to the next level

Phase in new advanced products and services, such as various saving programs, market forecasts, and real-time lending based on the vaulted assets.

Boost efficiency

Leverage the operational efficiency of the fully automatized and integrated back-office workflows, like asset and currency management, stock management, bank and payment integration, document handling, KYC&AML processes, generating leads for sales, and more.


Outdated online presence, webshop, marketing channels, and back-office workflows can be easily revamped and modernized with the extension of Vaulter since it is designed to serve as the backbone of the whole IT infrastructure and operation.

Benefits for the customers
and the dealer

1Low rates for purchasing of 4 precious metals in any deal size.
2Using Vaulter as a new, affordable form of savings with monthly bank transfers or recurring card payments.
3Assets and trading are available day-and-night from anywhere.
4Buyback is guaranteed immediately without any test, travel, or other complication; it’s just a few clicks away.
5Various insured vault locations, possibly overseas to manage geopolitical and storage risks.
6Immediate transfer between high security vaults to conveniently react on regional financial disruption.
7The exact size or product selection may be delayed until the bullion withdrawal and delivery.
8The problems, costs, and discomfort of replacing bullions with smaller units does not arise. Even a small portion of the assets can be sold for multiple currencies with fast international withdrawal.
9As customers' metal balance is fully allocated, they own the bullions outright with full legal ownership.
10Better conditions than ETFs, in addition to being fully covered, with bars that can be easily taken out at any time in physical form.
11No commitment to precious metal investment, as the service is fully flexible and customer friendly.

Grow your business
without any investment and commitment

Regardless of the size of your business, your costs will never exceed your income of trade markups and other fees. Vaulter offers a flexible subscription-based pricing model, that adapts to the dynamics of your success, and allows you to be profitable on short-term. Starter plan (with no monthly fee) is ideal for those who build the online presence step-by-step. After gaining a significant customer base expansion, Vaulter pricing plan can be seamlessly upgraded to introduce further services.

Operational costs are always less than the income (plan for small business)

In addition, there is no need to deal with complex, challenging IT product development with substantial investment and long-term commitment, instead, Vaulter is just ready to be launched in a few days.

Operational costs are always less than the income (plan for small business)


  • All features except live hedging
  • Max. 1k active users
  • Basic support
  • All features except live hedging
  • Max. 10k active users
  • Standard support
  • All features including live hedging
  • Max. 25k active users
  • 8/5 support
  • All features including live hedging
  • Unlimited users
  • 24/7 support
*Starter plan must be upgraded after 6 months.

About us

We are experts in building and integrating trading solutions for brokerages, traders, asset managers, stock exchanges, investment agencies, and other capital markets players.

Software projects in FinTech industry, financial and capital markets are not about technology, they are about the results achieved with technology. Most software companies focus on tools, frameworks, code and tests. They build software for whatever client, whatever industry happens, indirectly saying they put technology over client’s business. However, we are different, and we focus exclusively on building software for financial institutions and capital markets. We build software that helps financial companies run their business. We can do that because we understand financial industry and capital markets.

We are a tight knit collective of strategists, analysts, designers, developers, technology teams, and digital change agents that work together to bring our knowledge to the table to form impactful solutions. We wholeheartedly embrace automation, cutting-edge technology, mobile, social, human centered design, and great digital strategy. Team up with Vaulter to accelerate your digital transform journey to deliver better customer experiences, redesign business models, and improve operational efficiency.

Our main goal is to exceed expectations of our clients in reaching new business opportunities by delivering top notch software solutions utilizing the most up-to-date information technology stack.

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